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The comodoro hotel yacht club casino havana

The comodoro hotel yacht club casino havana saloons and gambling in the wild west

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But the lobby and the pool still have a touch of glamour, and the comoodro is surprisingly tranquil. Natural and untouched Baracoa; quite possibly the most beautiful place in the world. Room service is 24 hours. Mario April 7, at 9: Tourism and Temptation in Cuba. Havana and Cuba videos online!

The mid-range Hotel Comodoro has a lively and twinkling past as a former casino during Havana's mid-century boom, but today that sparkle falls a bit flat. Comodoro Club Hotel in Havana, Cuba. Save to favorites. Comodoro Entrance to the former Havana Biltmore Yacht Club in Havana, Cuba. Save to favorites. In the same tradition of social clubs in the heart of the city were the Vcdado Tennis Club River was the Casino Deportivo (Sporting Club), whose clientele hailed from the the latter had both a clubhouse and a hotel, as did the Como- doro. door to the Balneario de la Concha, stood the prestigious Habana Yacht Club.

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